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By: earth_group

Hermosa Commercial Warehouse

Project Details

  • Exterior Remodeling consists of window replacement, fencing, roofing, and tuckpoint
  • Interior Remodeling consists of drywall/ framing, new carpeting flooring, wall painting, and construction of new units and warehouse spaces
  • Installation of Heating and Cooling Ventilation system throughout the warehouse


37,000 sq. ft.

Date of acquisition

March 21, 2016


Our Tenants

Sharprint has called 4200 Wrightwood home since the ‘90s, and they show no signs of stopping any time soon. If you’ve ever tried to order custom apparel, you’ve probably heard of them. They’re known for covering the entire process, from ideation to every step of the printing process. Family reunion? Sports team? School club? Corporate event? If there’s anything they haven’t done, there’s no doubt they can do it.

George Kilian founded the company after being unable to find a printer to make shirts for his band without ruining them. After all these years, they haven’t strayed from that commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Sharprint has done lots of projects, big and small. They have a long-standing relationship with Threadless, one of the biggest international shirt retailers, going back more than 10 years.

More notably though, they’ve been running community and youth workshops for several years. Their work is vital in times when budgets for arts education are being cut further with each passing week. This is why Sharprint has teamed with organisations like Marwen to offer free and affordable arts education to local youth.

We’re proud to have played host to such a remarkable addition to the community, and we look forward to doing so for many years to come.







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