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By: earth_group

Glen Ellyn Mixed Use Building


3 Floors, 32 Residental Units / 6 Storefront Spaces

Date of acquisition

January 2017

Project Description

Gut rehab conversion of residental/commercial building unit.

Exterior remodeling consists of windows, roofing, gutters, fencing and tuckpointing.

Interior remodeling consists of new construction of storefront property spaces, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms.

Storefront property spaces will be 1200 sq ft.

Installation of electrical, heating, and plumbing systems

Total unit conversion – 38 units, 3 floors

Architectural Drawings


Digital Rendering of 419-421 N. Main St After Construction

Glen Ellyn Multi-Unit Commercial/Residental Building - 419 - 421 N. Main Street

Commercial Space





Residential Space





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